Friday, November 21, 2008

School pics from a proud mommy

I know all mamas out there are prejudiced regarding their children, as they should be, thinking their kids are the smartest, the handsomest, best kids in the world but I have some wonderful children! They aren't perfect but I've been extremely blessed with two beautiful, fun-loving children and I just had to share my son's school photo. This is one of his best school photos ever, showing his sweet personality and that cute dimple on his left cheek! Of course, we won't mention the teenager who forgot to bring her photo packet home and now has to have photos done somewhere else...ahem, I think I mentioned something about my kids not being perfect?! Ha!

1 comment:

loveanjel4! said...

He is a handsome boy and this is a great picture!

Number of cows visiting my pasture...


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