Friday, December 11, 2009

An Udderly Fabulous Christmas

If you are visiting my blog then you can probably sense that I have a love for cows :) Over the years, people have given me cow gift items that I love but some just strike a special place in my heart: the needlepoint cow picture my friend Tamela made me, the Cow in Converse candleholder from my sisters-in-law, the mooing cow clock from my in-laws, the cow carved out of Dove soap from Joe's mom, the sterling silver cow earrings from my grandma, the mooing cow cookie jar from my friend Dawn, or the mooing key chain with the flashlight eyes from my friend Missy are all kitschy, unique, fun cow gifts that give me a laugh and bring special people to mind. (trust me, there's more but I'd be here all day listing them all!) My friend Marilyn has embraced my love for cows and has made this udderly fabulous (forgive me, I just had to say that) cow Christmas tree for me this year. Every little detail is just perfect, from the adorable "Moo" tags to the cow figurines placed all over the tree.I love the glittery ornaments and how can you not love those cowbells?
My absolute favorite part of the tree! From the fantastically striped pants to the bell on his curly little tail, this just makes me laugh with delight to look at him. I know it seems silly but I just had to share this on my blog and hopefully it'll put a smile on your face today.


Angi (Mistress_of_Mayhem) said...

andrea! As always love the inspiration you share...catching up on your blog...Shelli?! Lucky girl! And I'm not surprised that you are getting out there and being involved. I bet we'll see you in a future SS! :)


hellenbell said...

my god!
I want that cow!!!!
lucky u!

Number of cows visiting my pasture...


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