Monday, January 4, 2010

Paper Flowers and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We've whizzed through Thanksgiving, Christmas, our 19th wedding anniversary, and the New Year in our house but things are finally settling back into some semblance of routine. The kids went back to school today, Joe was at work for the first full day in a few weeks, and I got to enjoy having the house all to myself. Don't get me wrong...I love having everyone home but I definitely enjoyed my "Mom" time today!

I hosted my monthly Technique club a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd finally get around to posting one of the techniques I learned from Monica Gale at the European Stampin' Up! Convention, the layered paper flower. Isn't this a pretty embellishment?? Granted, it's a bit "poofy" for mailing but it can easily be tucked into a gift bag or box if you aren't up to sending it in a padded mailer. The flower on this particular card is made from lunch bags! I always seem to have lots of disposable lunch bags for crafts since the kids take LL Bean lunch bags to school. I realize the card design has a "fall" look but I've been trying to go through the supplies I've got on hand and I just love this fall paper from SU!'s last mini catalog. Here's how to make the flower:
1. Using the Stampin' Up! Scallop Circle punch, punch 6 to 8 circles out of your paper of choice.
2. For lightweight papers such as tissue, Designer Series paper, or the lunch bags, crumple each of your circles up into a ball. For heavier cardstock, lightly mist the paper with water and then crumple so the fibers in the paper will break easier.
3. Open up each crumpled ball and layer all of the circles together, then punch a hole in the center using a Crop-A-Dile.
4. Insert a knotted ribbon or brad in the center to hold the layers together.
5. Fluff the layers up until you achieve the desired effect, as shown in the picture above. If needed, you can spritz more water on the flower to soften the layers so they'll crumple up easier. Leave the flower to dry for a few minutes if you've used water.
6. Add any embellishments such as leaves, buttons, felt circles, etc.
You can also visit Dawn McVey's blog if you want a step by step pictorial on how to make the flowers step by step. For a different look, try using different punch shapes like hearts or ovals. Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest card project! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and I wish you a blessed 2010.

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