Monday, March 12, 2012

Something to Make You Smile

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I have a sense of humor that veers to the quirky.  Just look at my blog design and total strangers can figure that out!  Recently I was doing some shopping in Marshall's when I came across this beat up little notebook that gave me a laugh-out-loud belly laugh that caused heads to turn.  The cartoon pictured on the front is funny all by itself but when coupled with a story about my mom, you'll see why I not only laughed so hard but why I just had to buy this for her.  My mom worked for KKNU radio station in Fresno for several years as the secretary to the owner and the first building they were located in had all the announcer's booths located down one long hallway, with the office cubicles and entrance at one end and the restrooms, copy machine, and rear exit at the other end.  So every time you went to and from the restroom, you walked past the announcers who you could see through glass half walls that separated the booths from the hall.  I remember running back and forth down that hallway as a kid, waving at the announcers each time I ran past, which they always good naturedly endured.  My mom is a very attractive woman and I was always so proud of how detailed she was about her appearance, especially when going to church or work.  And she always made sure everything was in place when going to the restroom:  lipstick, hair, outfit...all were perused before walking out.  Well, one day she didn't quite check her appearance well enough before walking out of the restroom at work, down the hallway past all the announcers, who all got quite a show as she walked past with the back of her full skirt tucked up into her pantyhose!!  If my mom reads this, she's going to kill me!  I don't remember all the details of the story but I know my mom was mortified.  I've said all that as the intro to show you this picture of the journal I got for her:

You're probably asking yourself why I'm publicly sharing this with the whole world?  First, I hope the story and journal pic make you laugh out loud and bring a smile to your face.  Second, the story should be a reminder to us to not take ourselves too seriously.  There are so many things in life that are challenges...a death in the family, dealing with health problems, a teetering economy...the list could go on and on...but I hope you take a moment each day to find a little humor in life.  And learn to laugh at yourself! 


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