Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Umbrella Wreath Project

I haven't blogged in FOREVER and it feels good to be back in The Land of the Blogger.  Pinterest has become my new crack...I'm lurking on there daily, looking for new ideas and project inspiration but I'm determined to be a doer and not just a lurker!  Sounds sordid, I know.  Anyhoo, I thought I'd post a pic of a project I recently finished that was based off something I saw on Pinterest.  If you follow my boards, the original umbrella idea is pinned on my "Crafty Stuff I Wanna Make" board.  Okay, are you ready?!

I think it turned out AWESOME, even if I do say so myself ;)  I'm not a floral designer by nature...that would be my awesome mommy...but this was something I could do.  I didn't take any step by step photos of putting it together but here's some tips if you're interested.

Tip 1:  I divided the umbrella into three sections using mini clothespins and left them there.  Once the greenery is added, you can't even see the clothespins.  That way if I want to take it apart and do something else with it, I have that option.
Tip 2:  With the exception of the umbrella, which I purchased at The Paris Market in downtown Savannah, everything in the arrangement came from Michael's.  (Thanks to Gene at the Savannah Michael's who helped me pick everything out!)
Tip 3:  If you use a plastic vs. cloth umbrella, match your stuffing to the plastic.  Looks much better and hides any craft foam used.
Tip 4:  Make sure everything is well secured to withstand wind and the door opening and closing frequently...I had a feather chickie fly off the first day because I didn't secure it well enough!  Thankfully the package I purchased had two chickies in it so all is well.

Hope you enjoy my latest project and that it inspires you to make your own!


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