Monday, November 19, 2012

December Daily Product Preview: Video Post!!

I tried to upload video to my blog today with no luck...I don't know if the video was too long or if somewhere there is a little download elf who laughed so hard at my first pitiful attempt to film a video that he wouldn't allow it to post.  Whatever the case may be, I managed to upload it to YouTube.  During the month of December I am embarking on a journey of telling the story of our family through the December Daily, a project I have been stalking for the past few years on Ali Edwards blog  (yes, I said stalking...I'm not too proud to admit it!)  and thought I'd post some of the product I'm using.  And primarily it's a way to keep me accountable to the project...the big, wide world now knows I'm doing this project and expects updates on my progress! :)  I encourage you to check out Ali's site if you're interested in this project.  So feel free to sit back, laugh, yawn in boredom, and/or enjoy my first video


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