Monday, November 19, 2012

Letter Wreath Tutorial

Today has been a good day to post pics of various projects I've been working on so up next is a Letter Wreath Tutorial.  I was originally inspired by a project and tutorial I saw on Pinterest (of course!) by Living with Lindsay.  The original link with pictures is far superior than what I put together but at least it'll be a journey of the wreath I ACTUALLY made and not the fantasy of what I'd like to make.  That's the danger with Pinterest...constantly lurking and stalking the creations of others and never experiencing that creative rush for yourself.  Here goes!

Since I now live in a house with a real front door instead of my previous flaming yellow and white glass/metal/plastic door, I've become obsessed with making pretty things to go on it.  I'm already plotting a wreath for Valentine's Day!  After leaving my Umbrella Wreath up through Easter, I wanted something that could last for several months but be neutral holiday/season wise.  I also wanted to try and utilize some of the greenery and resources I already had to make it more economical.  This wreath fit both of those stipulations!
You'll need a 24 inch grapevine wreath, glue gun, and greenery of your liking.  I purchased the wreath and some additional greenery at Michael's (Can't let my employee discount go to waste, right?!) and used a 40% off regular price coupon on the wreath.  Dollar Tree also has a 24 inch wreath for a dollar but it's the thin
twisted reed type wreath so you may need more greenery to cover the wreath.

I started with the ferns, using both Boston and asparagus fern (I feel so smart that I actually know
what kind of fern it is!), then added ivy and green proteas. 
Once the greenery was in place, I went ahead and hung the wreath on my door so I could place everything
the way it would be seen from a distance...and mostly because I'm short and couldn't get a proper view
of where I was putting stuff on the wreath when it was laying on the table...but we'll pretend it's a critical
step for properly putting your wreath together.  The letter is pretty heavy but I was able to hot
glue it in place with no problem.  I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy standing in front of my door, holding the letter in place for several minutes but at least I gave them something fun to talk about
over dinner, right?
A little close up...
And we're done!  Once I stuffed in all the greenery and hot glued my ginormous letter N to the
center, I added the flowers and a bit more greenery to fill out any naked areas.  I've gotten
lots of compliments on the wreath and I think the only thing I would change would be the
letter...I'm thinking of pulling it off and wrapping it with twine or burlap so the letter
isn't quite so WHITE.  
So there you have it, my Letter Wreath Tutorial.  Enjoy!


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