Friday, September 5, 2008


Recently we had the opportunity to take a day and visit Legoland AGAIN! While we had a great time, we've come to the realization that our family is outgrowing Legoland. Many of the rides are geared for Jordan's age and while there were some rides which appealed to Joe and Alex, they don't have the same appeal as rides at Six Flags or Knott's Berry Farm. As you can see by the first photo of Joe in the SUV, I think we laughed more hysterically trying to flip Pringles in our mouths on the drive to the park than the wet, overcast weather we enjoyed during our time actually in the park. We'll have to check out Europa Park and see if we like that better but I think we'll do it on a day with better weather!

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loveanjel4! said...

The first picture is the best! Is it a pringle?

Number of cows visiting my pasture...


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