Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am the Queen of Thumb Wars!

I am one of those goofy moms who tries to find creative ways to keep my children occupied if we have to wait somewhere. Rock, Paper, Scissors is a given but Thumb Wars is where I reign victorious! Scarcely does anyone beat me, including my husband, although my son has gotten me good a few times. (Those little fingers can be so sneaky!) Imagine my delight when surfing The Small Object website and finding thumb-sized awards for Thumb Wars!. Now I can reign victorious and have the thumb crown to prove it! For your enjoyment, I've posted the link to printing your own awards free in my Favorite Cowsites section. Once you enter the website, click on Steno Pad and look for Happy Free Downloads to find the awards. The awards are copyrighted so no hawking them on a street corner or claiming them for your own! The site also has some awesome projects, ranging from yummy desserts and sewing projects to fun stamp sets for sale. (Who doesn't need a dust bunny stamp?) So print your Thumb War awards and have lots of giggling fun!

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