Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little Embellishment

I have an ongoing love affair with anything paper and journals are no exception. Journaling can be sporadic for me but I enjoy keeping a journal and writing random thoughts or keeping lists of things that I want to remember. For me, it's like spring cleaning for the mind! Alex also loves journaling and has quite the stash of binders and journals overflowing one of her drawers in her bedroom, filled with crazy stories and doodles. I bought this journal as a gift to have on hand but never seem to remember to give it to anyone! In the midst of my recent craft room/office purge, Alex zeroed in on the journal and begged to have it. I promised her the journal as long as she would let me add a little embellishment to it to personalize it just for her and this is the finished product. It took just a few minutes to complete (gotta love the Cricut!) and got to play with my new eyelet lace border punch in the process. Imagine the possibilities for inexpensive gifts you could have on hand for special occasions: a simple embellishment for a recipe book, journal, art book, prayer journal, and more. Most dollar stores carry cute notebooks that just need a bit of personal touch and you've created something special for someone you care about without breaking the bank.
I also think that for those of us who craft, we get carried away with trying to make really elaborate projects and sometimes don't craft because the projects we select are too time consuming. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do those types of projects because they are very rewarding: just don't deny yourself the satisfaction of simpler projects or you'll end up with craft supplies collecting dust! Happy crafting!

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Melissa said...

This personalized journal really is so cute Andrea! I have finally taken the time to look through your blog...your posts are great! I love the LAX pics!!! They had me smiling and laughing. I wish I journaled...but I think I am too lazy to do so. *sigh*

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