Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Holiday Park

Here we are having family time at Holiday Park! The park is more on the scale of Knott's Berry Farm, with one or two "thrilling" rides, and the rest more on the family scale or Jordan's level. Here's our two hooligans enjoying a moment together at the beginning of the day.

Say cheese!

Joe and Alex went on this very fast, lots of twisties and turnies kind of ride together while Jordan and I enjoyed a moment sipping on a Blue Raspberry Slushie. Can you say blue tongue?

Joe was given permission by his command to take a day off to spend with his family. I think he's asking himself why he took the day off if he was going to be subjected to such humiliation!

We rode this water ride three times and each time, Alex kept changing seats to avoid getting wet and still managed to sit where she got the most water. You can't really see it here but most of her left leg is soaked! Thankfully I had control of the camera for the day or Joe would have taken a picture of my seriously wet hindquarters.


Dawn said...

I LOVE alex's hair. It looks fantastic. I can't believe how grown up they are both looking. Joe has himself a "mini me" in Jordan. And it was great to see your smiling face. I miss you like crazy!!!


Ludka Life said...

So good to see all of you! the kids are so big. Jordan looks just like his Daddy! And I think you and Alex might have the same haircut. Too cute

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