Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Netherlands

The command gave permission for family members to accompany their spouses to the unit's quarterly conference in The Netherlands. Thanks to a good friend who kept our kids, I was given the opportunity to go with Joe for a week. This is the view from our hotel window in Sittard, The Netherlands. One Thursday a month this entire square is filled with vendors selling local fabric, fish, fruits and vegetables, and more. Joe was terribly excited to find out that the market was open the week we were there. Guess who went shopping?

I'm a happy camper, relaxing in our hotel room.

This beautiful cathedral was right next to our hotel. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go inside and look around.

Throughout the marketplace in Sittard were numerous very unusual statues. Joe loved this one, which shows a rather saucy little boy sticking his tongue out while bent over.

We had a terrific time on our trip, although it was probably more fun for me since I was able to hook up with some of the command group ladies and do some shopping while Joe sat in the conference each day. One of the wives even took me to a Scrapbooking store! The country was beautiful and the Dutch are extremely friendly to Americans. Maybe I can talk Joe into getting stationed there after we're done in Germany!


Ludka Life said...

that is the greatest statue EVER! I am jealous to not see it with my own two eyes!

Felicia said...

that place is beautiful! so what kind of shopping did you do?

Number of cows visiting my pasture...


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