Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tool of the Week: The Scor-Pal!

This is my latest favorite toy: The Scor-Pal! I purchased one of these beauties a few months ago as part of a bulk order I put together for demonstrators overseas so we could receive free shipping and free goodies. When you live overseas, free shipping to an APO sends people running to a company's website! This wonderful tool makes scoring cards and projects happen at the speed of light. (Well, maybe not that fast but pretty darn close!) The Scor-Pal also embosses and makes some really cool projects! You can also see the Scor-Pal bag, which is perfect if you travel with your craft projects alot, the Scor-Mat that features a self-healing mat on one side and a work surface on the other, a extra Scor-Tool, and the wonderful double-sided Scor-Tape. The Scor-Mat fits perfectly in the groove of your Scor-Pal so it can stay out and not detract from your work surface.

This pull out album is available, with directions, on the Scor-Pal website gallery: These would make great gifts (my family is probably asking themselves why they haven't received one yet!)

For those APO folks out there, I'll be doing another bulk order in September so check out the website and e-mail me if you want to get this amazing tool with free shipping and more! Cost of the Scor-Pal is $39.95, the bag is $16.00 and the mat is $15.00. Place a bulk order with six people, you get a free Scor-Tool along with free shipping and with 12 you receive the aforementioned plus an extra roll of Scor-Tape. I don't make any money from doing this...I just love to share the tools I love with others so that they can improve their crafting experience and it's always nice to pass on a good bargain to someone else!

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loveanjel4! said...

Gosh I haven't been to your site in awhile and it's has all kinds of new posts to it. I love coming to your monthly stamp club, I am looking forward to the next one. Oh and I do like the score pal as well it's a wonderful tool!


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