Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet George

For about five years now, there has been a fifth member of our family that no one has known about. He's very friendly, low maintenance, and first joined our family when someone left him at our house while living in Hawaii. Meet George. George has been the source of practical jokes between Joe and I all these years. He's been in the shower, inside Joe's shaving kit, hidden in my underwear drawer, and inside Joe's running shoes. George lurks in mysterious places until found, causing the finder to laugh and then plot where to hide George next.

Here's a recent photo of Joe, snuggled up with George after discovering him inside his pillow.

George has also gotten quite creative in the last year, thinking outside the box to find new hiding spots such as inside the coffee pot where the filter sits, Joe's coffee cup full of coffee, the box of waffles in the freezer, and in a bag of sugar. He is also a world traveler, having been snuck into suitcases going to Portugal, Poland, London, Hawaii, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and even an occasional ladies retreat. As I type, George is staring at me, waiting to find an exotic new locale. Hmmmm, where to hide George this time?

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