Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Bearded Wonder is Gone!

Isn't my sweetie handsome with his beard? It has taken quite a bit of getting used to but the beard has "grown" on me (well, it's grown on him but, well, you know what I mean!). There's a lot of gray in it, which lends a bit of a distinguished tone to it. Why is it that men just look sexier as they get older and women just look washed out and old? Of course, my weight is part of the issue but we won't go THERE! I told him to send me a monthly photo so I can see how full his beard gets as the months progress, especially since I think he'll have to shave it off before he comes home.

Anyway, the past few weeks have been filled with many ups and downs and while I wish he didn't have to leave, I'm kind of relieved that he's gone. The coming and going and general upheaval in life leading up to his leaving makes me anxious to get myself and the kids settled into a routine as we count the days and months until Joe returns. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) the kids have already got an agenda of trips to the pool, a trip to Portugal in August, sleepovers, and more so I won't be lacking for activities! I'm glad they're enthusiastic about the summer and what we'll get to do during that time but just give me a few days to catch my breath and reacquaint myself with "normal" day-to-day living!!! Please pray for our family as we get through this time and for Joe as he does his job in far off lands. Until next time!

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