Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo of the Week

I know, it's April and I'm STILL posting pics from our trip in December. I couldn't help posting this one of the kids because it's a realistic depiction of their relationship and sweet personalities. The day I took this, we had arrived at the Monterey Bay Aquarium too early and decided to walk down to Starbuck's to while away the time. Part of our amusement included taking photos at the table, much to the annoyance of a few of our fellow customers (I think some of them were a little irritable because the morning coffee hadn't kicked in!) so this picture is a result of our impromptu photoshoot. I know I'm prejudiced because I'm their mom, but aren't my children adorable? You can probably tell what kind of grandma I'll of those annoying ones who constantly shares photos and stories about the grandkids, chasing total strangers down in order to shove reams of photos at them and gloat about how baby Suzie is potty training early. Seriously, I've been extremely blessed to have two children who love the Lord, enjoy being with each other, and are a joy in the home...despite their occasional cranky moments. A picture really IS worth a thousand words!

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