Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gartenschau-Neumuhle Park

Another day trip during Spring Break took us to the Gartenschau/Neumuhle Park in downtown Kaiserslautern. The Germans really enjoy outdoor venues like parks and hiking trails so places such as the Gartenschau are often open even on holidays. After uploading all my photos from the Gartenschau, I realized that I didn't take any pics of the flowers! I'm sure we'll go back again so you'll just have to enjoy the few candid photos I took of the kids playing. This top photo depicts one of the many lifesize dinosaur statues in the Neumuhle or Dinosaur portion of the park.

Here's Jordan enjoying the large climbing tower. The kids were in their element on this monstrous structure and never seemed to tire of squeezing in and out of the different levels.

Here's Alex pushing a friend from church on the swing. Teenagers like to act "cool" and mature but there's still a little kid lurking in there!

Please don't eat me! The little kids that accompanied us thought Alex was hilarious for trying to shove her head in the dinosaur.

Here's Jordan trying not to get eaten by a dinosaur head!

Here's all the boys, tired and ready to go get ice cream! Yippee!
I hope you've enjoyed the photos from our latest trip :)

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