Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jordan!

My baby turned nine years old yesterday! We hosted Jordan's birthday at the house this year, partly because I threw it together last minute and partly because that's where Jordan wanted to celebrate. Jordan's latest interest is anything having to do with spies: weapons, codes, training, etc. We bought him several spy devices for his birthday, including night vision goggles and binoculars. (These are "kid" versions, not the real thing!) The treat bags were spy kits with squirt guns, secret code books, candy and gum for stakeouts, and a disguise. I placed clues all over the house that the kids had to decipher to find the missing spy kits as they were stolen by an international spy and had to be recovered. The kids had fun and did a great job, especially since I had them running up and down the stairs from the top floor, down to the basement, and back up again. No small feat with 15 kids in attendance!
Since Jordan requested a spy-themed party, we had several SpyKids movies available for viewing at the beginning of the party while we were waiting for everyone to arrive. I guess it was a good thing we did since everyone was engrossed in them, including some of the parents dropping off children! (notice our friend Slim in the background...he's as entranced as the kids)

Posing for a group photo

This photo gave me the giggles! First of all, for Jordan's crazed look but also for the eyeball I accidentally photographed in the lower righthand corner. LOL!

This was my favorite part of the entire party...seeing Jordan read each card aloud. Several things struck me about this. First, this is the first birthday party he's had where everyone insisted he read the cards out loud. At previous parties, partygoers just wanted him to rip into the gifts and chuck the card so this is the first sign of a maturing crowd. It made me realize he's growing up! Second, with Jordan's previous reading problems due to his speech delay, it was music to my ears to hear him read clearly and quickly through each card. What a blessing!

Jordan received a package from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sue...yay!

Time to open it...ooh, what is it?

Yes! Jordan was enthralled with the book as soon as he saw what it was about. Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!

Here's Alex's gift to her little brother...a Bionicle! What a sweet big sister to use her own money to buy her brother a gift. Jordan received many nice gifts and we are so thankful to have such generous friends.

Jordan blowing out his candle!

I kept the food simple with fruit, chips, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, Shasta soda (I couldn't believe it when the commissary stocked it. Talk about a blast from my childhood!) and birthday cupcakes. The best part about the food? Alex prepared most of it! Having a Culinary Arts student living with you definitely has some advantages :) One benefit to the Culinary Arts program vs. Home Economics is its focus on all aspects of presentation, serving in a professional setting, and learning the techniques needed to be a professional chef. While this isn't exactly "professional" catering, I thought she did a lovely job with arranging the fruit and decorating the cupcakes. Plus it took a huge burden off of me to try and do everything myself. The hardest part for me was schlepping through the commissary and bringing all the groceries home...not a bad way to go!

I printed out the cupcake toppers from clipart on PrintShop 22 and used a large oval punch to make them the right size to sit on top of the cupcakes. Alex baked/frosted the cupcakes and Jordan helped her put the decorations on top. I tried to keep things as simple as possible, especially since the kids would be more interested in eating them instead of admiring the decoration!

At the end of the day, I had to ask myself, "Am I insane to have so many children over to my house with the hubby gone?" Well, probably but Jordan had such a good time that I can't help but think it was all worth it. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our latest family event! I promise I'll have craft projects posted later this week :)

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Angi (Mistress_of_Mayhem) said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

What a great idea - it sounds like it was a fun time!

And, yeah, maybe you are a little crazy...15 kids?! lol

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