Sunday, May 24, 2009


We spent the first day of Memorial Day weekend at Tripsdrill, an amusement and nature park located near Heilbronn. The park had a booth in the travel buildings at the Maimarkt in Mannheim and after spending a day at the park, I'm so glad I picked up a brochure! The park's central feature is this retired mill, which has been converted with an indoor slide from the top floor and a fun house type ride on the lowest floor and behind the building. I took TONS of photos Saturday so I couldn't possibly post them all here but I'll probably download photos to my Facebook page as well. Here we go!
Above the car ride was a platform where you could see the entire track and the surrounding area. Many of the buildings in the park had roof gardens, which I thought was an interesting way of making the park more environmentally friendly.

A view of the vineyards and fields beyond the park

Alex pretending to drive...she has to get in a little practice since driver's training is in her future!

Jordan's friend, Jonah, was staying with us for a few days while his parents were on a cruise so Alex invited her friend Brianna to accompany us so she would have someone to hang out with. Here's the foursome aka Jergen, Herman, George, and Larry, waiting for the log ride. The girls made up nicknames for new nickname is Bob so all day long the four of them kept calling me Bob!

Here they come!

I love my new camera! It takes great action photos so I can capture fun moments. I love the looks on their faces as they come down the ride!

The boys were a tad soaked after the ride but it was such a nice day out that they quickly dried. Don't worry...we rode another water ride later and ALL of us were drenched. Nothing like walking around an amusement park in water-logged, squishy shoes!

The May Pole ride.....nope, too high up for me so I didn't ride this one!

Alex and Brianna enjoying the May Pole ride.

The kids were finally hungry enough that I managed to coax them out of the park for a picnic lunch at the car. Both boys were mesmerized by the Maserati convertible parked next to us and asked me to take a picture.

The park had these crazy bikes the kids could ride that bounced up and down as you rode them due to the unusual placement of the spokes on the tire rims. The bikes were pretty heavy so I had to help Jordan balance and then push him to get started. I didn't get a chance to ride one but he said it took alot more effort to ride it than a normal bike and was glad to get off when it was time to move on to another part of the park.

Alex loves monkeys! She asked Jordan to babysit her new monkey purse while she went on a rollercoaster.

There was virtually no line for this ride at the end of the afternoon: I think the boys rode it six times before leaving the park for the day!

I was quite impressed with the beauty of the landscaping throughout the park and was quite taken with these vibrant flowers growing alongside the winetub ride.

The last ride of the day, ended with a smile! We had a terrific time, from start to finish, and plan on making another visit when Joe comes home. Thanks for reading along!

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